Guerra, Luis (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)

Anarchistory of Performance, a heresy in action

There are performances that have no fixed abode in the Arts. Invisible to the norm, unnamed, they dwell a nomadic and unsettled condition, disappearing as surplus holes of the situation. Through a subtractive strategy, I argue, these performances render a subversive accumulation of routine and ordinary gestures against Capital nomenclature.

My proposal consists in a performance-lecture conformed by a sequence of reenactments that will compose an Anarchistory of Performance. This performance will rise questions regarding my own research: What kind of philosophical conceptualization emerges from a non-spectacular performativity working through subtractive procedures of loss, friction and disappearance? Is it possible to name these artistic and social procedures which are already effective beyond the boundaries of contemporary art institutions? I propose to address these issues through a threefold conceptual plane, formed by James C. Scott’s Art of not Being Governed; Ray Brassier’s Nihil Unbound, and Alain Badiou’s Logics of Worlds.

My aim is to show, through a performance act, that this homeless Performativity proposes to Philosophy a liminal, radical and unstable script willing to create new territories of speculation by its apparent inexistence.

Luis Guerra is a visual artist and writer, currently PhD Student of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (website:

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