register_nowConference pre-registration is now available.

Opening of pre-registration: March 8, 2014
End of pre-registration: May 19, 2014

Registration Deadline: June 24, 2014
Please note that payments are non-refundable.

Guide to pre-registration :

1. Click on this link:

2. Choose your language preference by clicking on the corresponding flag.

3. In the list of upcoming conferences, click on « Conference TPP 2014. »

4. Then click on « Pre-registration. »

5. Fill in all the required fields (type « none » in any required fields that do not apply to you).

Once you have pre-registered :

1. You will receive a confirmation email from TPP2014 with instructions on how to validate your registration. Click on the link.

2. By entering your first and last name and email address, Extranet will allow you to:

3. Specify your arrival and departure dates

4. Provide the contact information of your institutional affiliation

5. Complete online payment, if necessary. On the payment page, select the category corresponding to your situation Student Presenter (30€), Waged Presenter (65€), Audience Participant (0€), Accompanying Partner (0€).

6. If you wish to be included in the conference dinner, be sure to select the option « Dîner / Conference dinner » (50€).

7. On the detailed payment page « Détails de la facture, » validate the amount to be paid (registration fees plus conference dinner, if applicable).

8. Online payment requires a credit card (Visa, Mastercard). You will be redirected to the secure online payment system Paybox.


The early-bird registration fees until April 15 are 65€ for waged presenters and 30€ for unwaged.

After April 15th, there will be a 15€ increase, to 80€ for waged presenters and 45€ for unwaged.