Barbéris, Isabelle (Université Paris-Diderot, France) et Lussac, Olivier (Université de Lorraine, France)

L’idée de « liminalité » dans la dramaturgie et la performance. Il s’agit de montrer que la dramaturgie et la performance sont des pratiques de l’émancipation qui ne font pas l’économie d’une référence et d’une réflexion identitaire, d’un sujet porteur de processus … Lire la suite

Batinic, Mirjana (University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia)

Philosophy Through Performance: the example of Through an interdisciplinary approach, Philosophy Through Performance: the example of will attempt to open theoretical discourse about teaching philosophy through performance within the example of a collaborative performance collective from Zagreb (Croatia), named BADco. … Lire la suite

Bourlez, Fabrice (ESAD, Reims, France)

L’autre scène performative. Psychanalyse et gender studies : quitter la scène oedipienne s’en rejoindre la société du spectacle et inventer de nouveaux maniements du transfert. Depuis la publication des travaux de Judith Butler et des théories queer en général, les questions … Lire la suite

Dimanche Rouge

Performative Lecture: Praxis, Praxis!   Exhibiting live and experimental performance presents several challenges interesting to both philosophers and practitioners.  Outlining those challenges from the practitioners’ viewpoint, namely that of organizers and curators from Dimanche Rouge, Praxis, Praxis! advocates for a close dialog … Lire la suite

Doutey, Nicolas (Université Paris-Sorbonne, France)

Nicolas Doutey est modérateur de l’atelier pratique du samedi 28 juin, de 9h15 à 10h45 avec Michael Groneberg, Aline Wiame et Fabrizio Terranova. Nicolas Doutey, normalien agrégé, docteur en littérature française. Il est l’auteur d’une thèse sur l’idée beckettienne de … Lire la suite

Erincin, Serap (University of South Florida, University of London)

Mediatized Senses: Phenomenologies of the Post-Human Performer French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s work and ideas define phenomenology, the perhaps most useful branch of philosophy in analyzing contemporary performances that are marked by their use of digital media and electronic technologies — … Lire la suite

Fourgeaud, Nicolas (Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France)

Performance in Postmodern Culture, Milwaukee, 1977 : un colloque aux échos très contemporains. Le colloque américain de Milwaukee Performance in Postmodern Culture (1977, organisé par Michel Benamou) constitue un moment décisif dans la construction de la notion contemporaine de performance (entendue … Lire la suite

Frackowiak, Bartek (Poland), Mayer, Ralo (Austria), McKenzie, Jon (USA)

“Kx4l3ndj34r Katastronauci: How to Do Things with Worlds” Kx4l3ndj34r Katastronauci: How to Do Things with Worlds approaches the 1986 Challenger disaster through a specific constellation of historical, fictional, and philosophical materials in order to reflect on contemporary creativity and world- building across the … Lire la suite

Garson, Cyrielle (Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France)

Penser le « théâtre dématérialisé » de Tim Crouch et Andy Smith comme une philosophie de l’esprit dans An Oak Tree (2005) et Commonwealth (2012). Notre communication se penche sur l’une des voix distinctives du théâtre britannique ultra-contemporain, l’auteur et performeur Tim Crouch, … Lire la suite

Gluzman, Yelena (University of California, San Diego, USA)

What-There-Is: Theater as Method, Theory as Theater Even as performativity is invoked to counter impasses in philosophy, queer studies, science and technology studies, history, and literary theory, theorists are quick to differentiate between processual performativity and representationalist theater. As Shannon … Lire la suite

Hjorth, Ben (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

‘HEGEL SAYS’: ventriloquising the word (of) ‘HIM’ with Anne Carson’s Antigonick. Anne Carson’s recent ‘translation’ of Sophokles Ancient tragedy – enigmatically retitled Antigonick (Carson 2012) – can be read as a contemporary feminist coup de théâtre, and constitutes an important case study in the emergent field of Performance Philosophy. Here, the … Lire la suite

Hogan, Bryan (Dublin Institute of Technology, University College, Dublin, Ireland)

“’Gender Discombobulation’: Articulating the Phobia in Homophobia” On January 11th 2014, Rory O’Neill aka Panti Bliss (Ireland’s premier drag queen) appeared on The Saturday Night Show, a talk show for the national broadcaster RTE, where he identified opinion columnists and … Lire la suite

Kawalec, Anna (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland)

Metamimesis as co-knowing and co-making Metamimesis refers to the ancient category of mimesis (Halliwell), modified to account for the modern tendencies stemming from Romanticism (Pirholt). The inherent criteria of metamimesis were determined by A. Elias, who analyzed the British literary … Lire la suite

Kolodezh, Sam (University of California, Irvine and San Diego, USA)

“Moving Ethically and Performing Positive Affirmation” In this paper, I argue that performance is ethical multiplicity—ethical because performance is articulable and multiplicity because it is always becomings as and alongside affect. Performance is then responsibility without identity and through affirmation. … Lire la suite

Koubovà, Alice (Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

Ludic and absurd theatre as political strategy in context of performative theory In my presentation, I wish to discuss Judith Butler’s book Giving an Account of Oneself in relation to the specific features of Central European avant-garde theater (Václav Havel, … Lire la suite

Lanher, Simon (ENS Lyon)

Performance, représentation et paradigme théâtral dans la sociologie goffmanienne. De la métaphore dramaturgique au concept sociologique, ou : ce que la métaphore théâtrale permet de penser en sociologie  The presentation of self in everyday life (1956/1959) développait ce que Manning a … Lire la suite

Louis, Camille (Université Paris 8, France)

Camille Louis est dramaturge, doctorante et enseignante en Philosophie à l’Université Paris 8 (titre de sa thèse : « La recomposition du Politique dans la décomposition des politiques », sous la direction de Bertrand Ogilvie). Ses recherches s’inscrivent dans le mouvement des … Lire la suite

Madison Performance Philosophy Collective

From the U.S. With Love Format:  Multimedia, multi-sensory, site-specific, participatory performance Length: Durational throughout the conference, culminating in a final live 60-minute participatory performance In this site-specific, multi-sensory, participatory performance From the U.S. With Love we will create a space for meditation … Lire la suite

Marin Inclàn, Claudia (Mexico)

“Anglo-American thought’s domination in the new media plays. Analysis of the Skype Duet, Harket [Protocolo] and 9 días de Guerra en Facebook.” In this paper the main argument spins around the Anglo-American thought’s predominance in the scenic projects that use … Lire la suite

Mayer, Ralo (Austria)

Mayer, Ralo (Austria), Frackowiak, Bartek (Poland), McKenzie, Jon (USA): “Kx4l3ndj34r Katastronauci: How to Do Things with Worlds”

Mitrovic, Dijana (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Centered in a Void: Marina Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present Seemingly simple in its conception, Marina Abramović’s 2010 performance piece The Artist Is Present confronts one with radical uncertainty in deciding how to interpret a piece that ostensibly refuses to … Lire la suite

Morisset, Thomas (ENSAD, France)

Rythme et présence dans un espace théâtral numérique La présente communication se veut le pendant théorique d’un travail artistique en cours à l’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, où nous développons une pièce de théâtre faisant usage, certes, d’acteurs physiques, … Lire la suite

Morrill, Eric (Germany)

Performance, Participation, Collaboration: Reenactments and changes in regulative ideas. In this presentation, I discuss my post-doctoral work on Allan Kaprow’s retrospective Art as Life (2006-2008; Munich, Eindhoven, Bern, and Los Angeles), showing changes between historic performances since the 1960s and … Lire la suite

Mullarkey, John (Kingston University, UK)

John Mullarkey will be the respondent to Catherine Malabou’s plenary lecture on June 27 at 11am. / John Mullarkey sera discutant de la conférence plénière de Catherine Malabou le vendredi 27 juin à 11h. John Mullarkey is Professor of Film and Television Studies at Kingston University, … Lire la suite

Osella, Caroline (Reader, SOAS Anthropology, London)

… with Lowe, Daniel (British Library, London): Mimesis, Collaborative Encounter and the Ethnographic Sensibility: scenes from an impure discipline. Caroline (anthropologist / Eddie) and Daniel (historian / Princess) present continuities between performance and performativity and the process-practice of plasticity as … Lire la suite

Pauker, Magnolia (European Graduate School, University of British Columbia)

The Art of Interview: Toward a Queer Performance of Philosophy « Everyone should partner up with the questioning other whose smile one cannot entirely decipher. » — Avital Ronell In « What is a Dispositif? » Gilles Deleuze makes an important, yet little discussed, … Lire la suite

Pélisséro, Marielle (Université Paris-Ouest, France)

Marielle Pélisséro sera la modératrice de l’atelier pratique du Laboratoire du geste. Marielle Pélisséro est doctorante en Arts du spectacle à l’Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre. Sous la direction de Christian Biet, elle prépare depuis 2010 une thèse consacrée à l’émergence et … Lire la suite

Schaag, Katrina (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Biological Plasticity and Performative Possibility Recent developments in neuroscience carry revolutionary implications for our understanding of subjectivity, confirming and nuancing postmodern theories of being as a continuous process of becoming, the self as always-already in flux.  In Plasticity at the … Lire la suite

Terranova, Fabrizio (Bruxelles)

… ave Wiame, Aline (Post-doc, Penn State University) : Narration spéculative et worlding : expérimentation, forces propositionnelles et performance avec Donna Haraway. Développée par Fabrizio Terranova dans le cadre d’un master éponyme à l’Ecole de Recherche graphique de Bruxelles, la narration spéculative … Lire la suite

Tindemans, Klaas (Vrije Universiteit Brussels and RITS School of Arts, Belgium)

The Performance of an Economic Crisis: Economy Theatricalized, the Cases of Tomas Sedlacek and ‘De Warme Winkel’ In his best-selling book Economics of Good and Evil, Tomas Sedlacek tries to read economic theory as a cultural phenomenon and as an … Lire la suite

Tracy, Ryan (New York, USA)

Radical Democracy, Activism and the Specter of Theater, or, A Theatrical Haunting of Judith Butler Judith Butler’s early work often performs a philosophical reflection on the nature of theatricality and the language of activism. These ruminations on mimeticism, repetition and … Lire la suite

Triantafyllou, Angelos (Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en Yvelines, France)

Occupy Wall Street : performance ou mot d’ordre ? Tout événement peut servir de scène de performance aux metteurs en scène et  aux philosophes : la guerre du Golf selon CNN, les mémoriaux de la Shoah, la Plaza de Mayo , … Lire la suite

Watkins Fisher, Anna (Cornell University, USA)

“Persona Non Grata: Playing the Parasite in Inhospitable Times” In this talk, I’ll advance parasitism as a 21st-century performance paradigm. From representations of “resource-draining” housewives and “welfare queens” (les assistés) to the language of “illegal aliens” (immigrés clandestins), I’ll argue … Lire la suite

Wiame, Aline (Penn State University)

… avec Terranova, Fabrizio (cinéaste, Bruxelles): Narration spéculative et worlding : expérimentation, forces propositionnelles et performance avec Donna Haraway. Aline Wiame est diplômée en philosophie et en arts du spectacle vivant, et Docteur en Philosophie de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (thèse « La défiguration … Lire la suite

Woodford, Clare (Queen Mary, University of London, UK)

‘Appropriation, equality, performativity: Jacques Rancière, Judith Butler and political disruption’ This paper seeks to explore the intersections between the work of Judith Butler and Jacques Rancière. Both writers acknowledge the political power of disruption that performance can cause but at … Lire la suite